Tierra™, Earthen Plaster

A smooth plaster finish with a flecked earthen plaster effect.

The look of natural earthen plaster. Visible natural minerals create a warm finish that takes on the appearance of weathered stone or smooth concrete.

Tierra™ is a 100% acrylic polymer based, opaque, crack resistant, trowel applied plaster finish with natural earthen components.


Tierra™ may be used for interior or exterior applications over properly prepared substrates, including new or existing drywall and new or existing plaster substrates. Tierra™ may be used as an exterior finish over properly prepared stucco basecoats. A reinforcing fiberglass mesh may be installed to minimize cracking.

Packaging: 5.0 Gallon (60 lb) pail 1.0 Gallon (12 lb) pail

Colors: Tierra™ is available in the 24 standard Variance colors or may be custom colored upon request.

Coverage: 130-220 square feet (10-16 m sq) per 5.0 gal pail

Tierra™ Application Instructions