Special Effects: Faux brick, faux stone, metallics, etc.

Create dynamic walls with Variance® Acrylic Finishes. Using our products, you can easily achieve effects like dimensional brick or stone. Our full line of metallic sealers gives you the ability to create a variety of iridescent and metal effects. You can also create traditional plaster styles that range from polished Italian plasters to textured wall finishes.

Faux Brick Finish

The look of a brick wall is easily created using two coats of Arena™ and VariStain™ as a color wash. The first coat of Arena™ will show through as the mortar, so it is usually tinted gray. This color is applied to the wall first and it should be allowed to dry completely. Then a stencil of the brick pattern is laid out on the wall. Masking tape can also be used to create the brick pattern. Next, a heavy textured coat of Arena™, tinted to a red brick color, is spread over the stencil. While the Arena™ is still wet, VariStain™, tinted to darker red, is sprayed and sponged into the Arena™ to increase the color variation and to individualize the look of each brick. More stain should be added to some bricks, while only slightly staining other bricks. Giving the bricks variety helps make the brick look more realistic. When the Arena™ is almost dry, the stencil may then be removed. To give the grout a more rough and realistic appearance, the gray Arena™ from the first coat is brushed into the grout lines. This leaves you with a realistic looking three dimensional faux brick wall. This finish is often mistaken for a real brick wall. You can use this technique on entire walls, in arch ways, or in sections of walls to simulate the look of aged, spalling plaster.

Metallic Finish

The metallic finish is created using Solido™ or OmniCoat™ as a tinted basecoat and then a Metallic Topcoat. The Metallic Topcoat comes in a variety of colors, including gold, silver, bronze, copper, pewter, and pearl. The first step to create this finish is to apply one coat of the tinted basecoat in any color you choose. Once the basecoat is dry the sealer is troweled over it in random decorative trowel strokes or in linear trowel strokes to simulate brushed metal. The Metallic Topcoat can add a rich dimension to any room. It can be used in entire rooms, accent walls, fireplaces, or other decorative elements.

Faux Stone Finish

To create the faux stone effect Anciano™ is applied to the wall in two coats. While the second coat is still wet the trowel is dragged vertically across the wall to create a linear effect. When almost dry the edge of a trowel is used to score in the stone pattern. Then VariStain™ is used to individualize the look of each stone. More stain should be added to some stones, while only lightly staining other stones. This gives the entire wall natural looking variety as you would see in a real stone wall.